Corporate partnerships

Dementia Australia would like to thank our sponsors for their generousity, partnership, and support.

Sponsors make an incredible difference by supporting their communities through organisations like Dementia Australia. Not only do the following list of partners offer financial support for our programs, services and publicity campaigns, they help us build connections with the Australian community. In turn, we provide our sponsors with incentive and resources to learn more about living with dementia. If you would like to partner with us to create a world without dementia, please call 09 9815 7800 to discuss the many benefits for you and your organisation with our General Manager Fundraising.


Our partners

Dementia Australia Vic would like to acknowledge the generous support of ExxonMobil Australia, who provide sponsorship and professionally designed artwork to assist in delivering various campaigns. The promotion of Dementia Australia Vic in ExxonMobil Australia’s employee magazine and community newsletters has raised the profile of dementia and our organisation within the Victorian community.

Dementia Australia would like to thank ExxonMobil Australia for its continued contribution and support.


Victorian aged care provider Lifeview Residential Care partnered with us over the last two years to develop and trial our Virtual Forest - a sensory therapy application designed to improve the quality of life of people living with dementia through the use of video game technology.

Dementia Australia Victoria provided Lifeview staff with specialist training and their residents (with mid to late dementia) were involved in triali1ng the Virtual Forest experience - the overall experience, thoughts, reactions, demeanour etc. of residents all formed part of the feedback on this project.

By teaming with Dementia Australia Vic, Lifeview assist us in the valuable work we do in the area of dementia research and support and also brought their residents this day changing technology, whilst giving their staff a better understanding of dementia, and the leading edge technology available to assist those living with this disease. During the trials Lifeview’s residents who were continually on the move, hard to engage for longer than five minutes and who got highly agitated, were able to sit and experiencing the forest environment for up to 30 minutes at a time. During this time they were relaxed and communicative about not only the forest, but memories it evokes in them. This calmness and open communication assisted Lifeview’s staff to better understand a resident’s history and connect with them. Gaining entry into their world enables staff and carers to better understand the person’s care needs and develop individual tailored activities for them.

The Virtual Forest is now available for sale directly from Dementia Australia Vic.

Lifeview has recently agreed to extend the partnership for a further two years in order to develop with us another exciting new piece of technology that will assist carers and family members when visiting a person living with dementia. 


We are pleased to acknowledge Nestle Health Science’s support in enabling the delivery of an important training experience in residential aged care facilities across Australia. A Day in the Life is a unique experience using virtual reality to give participants an understanding of how the dining experience in residential aged care can appear for a person living with dementia.

By supporting Dementia Australia in the delivery of this program, Nestle Health Science is enabling a positive and engaging experience for people living with dementia and contributing to improving their quality of life.


Ritchies Supermarkets

Ritchies Community Benefit Card program commenced in 1993, and by the end of August 2012, Ritchies will have donated 40 million dollars back into the community to over 6000 clubs, schools and charities. Dementia Australia Vic has been a part of the program since commencement and over that time has received almost $20,000 in donations from Ritchies.

The Community Benefit card or tag can be used at ANY Ritchies store throughout Vic, NSW and Qld. If you would like to support Dementia Australia Vic and don't already have a Community Benefit card or tag, please collect one at the registers next time you shop at a Ritchies store. All you do is nominate Dementia Australia Vic as your beneficiary: it's that easy!

For more information on the Community Benefit Card program, visit



TLC Aged Care (TLC) has worked extensively with Dementia Australia Vic to develop a range of specialised dementia services for its aged care residents. TLC is introducing a highly innovative ‘supported living’ program into its homes, which includes daily lifestyle activities to help people living with dementia to return to more independent living. Activities such as meal preparation and Montessori-based physical activities allow residents the choices that will increase their independence and improve their cognitive skills. The partnership with TLC has also included sponsorship of some of our key community fundraising events.  TLC has recently extended the partnership for a further two years to help support our community engagement program.  



Imagine being able to cut a huge bunch of clear pink roses from a single bush, without making a dent in its overall performance. This is the case with this vigorous shrub-like Hybrid Tea. It will flower for most of the year with the minimum of care. The dark green, glossy foliage is absolutely free of disease. Slight species fragrance. 1.5m tall. Named for Dementia Australia to raise awareness of this terminal disease which affects so many people.

Treloar Roses will donate $1.00 of each rose sold to Dementia Australia.