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Louise smiling with Dementia Australia promotional material

Louise, a Dementia Australia employee who works in regional South Australia, is on the frontline of the dementia health crisis gripping our nation. “Completely lost” is how Louise says many clients feel before she connects them to the vital services offered at Dementia Australia.

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Your support could help us support more people with dementia and their carers who desperately need it.

“Often, when I meet a client, I’ll be the first person they talk to about their diagnosis. There are lots of tears,” Louise says. “And some clients have been struggling alone for years before they seek help. They’ve never spoken about their dementia, and I can provide a safe space to do so.”

The generosity from our donors has meant services are freely available to those that need them. They can get the support they need to stay safely in their homes, manage dementia symptoms like memory loss and anxiety, and handle their daily activities as the disease progresses.

Support services can be life-changing for carers like Sarah, who was overcome with relief after a group education session with Louise. Sarah had been supporting her husband with dementia on her own for a year and she felt completely alone. But the education session introduced her to other carers who understood her tough journey. “Sarah now has daily contact with these new friends: the support is invaluable,” says Louise.

Sarah fell into my arms in tears, after coming to my session and meeting other carers. She said: ‘I just finally feel like there’s help – and there’s hope’.

- Louise, devoted Dementia Australia team member

Louise Masters

“Sadly, many people don't know there is support available and wait until they come to a crisis point before reaching out. My job is to make sure people with dementia and their carers get the best chance to live well, through access to dementia services,” says Louise.

With your help, our support services can offer incredible relief. As one carer wrote to Louise:

You are a lifesaver. I was highly stressed and don’t know how I would have coped without you. Getting help through Dementia Australia is like being part of a big family working together.

- dementia carer

Jane, a Counsellor, logs on to respond to clients who email at all hours, day and night. They are seeking someone who’ll listen and care, along with expert advice and service referrals. “Sometimes the emails are sent at midnight” she says.

People must go to bed worrying about things. They can’t sleep, so they get up in the middle of the night and send a desperate email.

- Jane, Counsellor

Jane Lee in the garden

“A dementia diagnosis can be so confronting and confusing. But I want people to know they can still have a meaningful life with dementia. They just have to make some adjustments and adopt to new approaches.”

You can help our clients live well – your gift can bring relief and reassurance.

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