Indigenous Resources

Dementia Australia has several resources

These being the Looking Out For Dementia and The Kimberley Indigenous Cognitive Assessment tool (KICA).

Looking Out For Dementia

Looking out for dementia is a suite of themed resources which has been developed to inform Indigenous people living in remote communities of Northern Territory about dementia.

The resources have been developed in English and three Indigenous Djambarrapuyngu, Warlpiri and Kriol.

Family, Friends and Community

Family, friends and community are important. They help us all get through life’s ups and downs. This booklet addresses questions such as: What can we do to keep this special bond when a family member or friend is living with dementia?; how do we stay connected in ways that are meaningful?; or what interests can we continue to enjoy together?

The Kimberley Indigenous Cognitive Assessment Tool ( KICA)

KICA tool was developed to aid in the evaluation of cognitive impairment in older Indigenous people with dementia and other health related issues.