Alternatives to driving - NSW

A range of transport alternatives are available to access services when driving isn't an option.

Life After Licenses

Life after Licences is a free community resource that aims to provide support for people transitioning from driver to non-driver. Life after Licences is a community initiative supported by NRMA Motoring Services, Dementia Australia NSW, the Mid North Coast Aged Care Assessment Team, Community Transport and Community Care Options.

With the focus of government funding moving to individualised choice and control over the services used, transport options to access services need to be considered in planning the support and services you need to continue living in the community. Individual packages, also known as self-directed or consumer-directed care, is available under home care packages and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). If you are a person living with dementia or are caring for a person with dementia, this brochure and information sheet will help you identify and allow for transport needs when planning the make up of your package.

Providing Community Transport to People with Dementia

This brochure provides Community Transport services with tips and guidelines on how to assist people travelling on community transport who may have dementia.