Dementia-Friendly Home app

The Dementia-Friendly Home App in now available for tablets and mobile phones. Using interactive 3D game technology Unreal Engine, the app provides carers with ideas to make their home more accessible for people living with dementia.

With 70 per cent of people with dementia living in the community, the app enables the home to be made more dementia-friendly. This can allow the person to stay in their own home, enjoy their regular lifestyle activities and remain engaged with their community for longer.

Based on ten Dementia Enabling Environment Principles, The Dementia-Friendly Home App recommends practical changes that prompt a carer to think about how the home can be changed in a way that may assist the person living with dementia. Many of the app suggestions are small, inexpensive ideas, such as placing labels with pictures on cupboard doors. More significant changes include installing motion sensors that turn lights on and off when people walk through the house and changing busily patterned wall or floor coverings.  

The Dementia-Friendly Home App was developed through funding by the joint Commonwealth and State Government Home and Community Care program. The Deakin Software and Technology Innovation Laboratory (DSTIL) worked with Dementia Australia Vic to develop this technology.

The Dementia-Friendly Home App is now available for iPad/iPhones the App Store and Android tablets/phones from the Google Play Store for $2.99.

You can read the media release on the Dementia Friendly Home app here.