The Virtual Forest

The Virtual Forest™

Meaningful engaging experiences are important for everyone; this does not change when someone develops dementia.

The Virtual Forest™ program is a peaceful and enjoyable immersive environment designed specifically to improve the quality of life for people living with dementia. The Virtual Forest is engaging, empowering, and explorative.

The Virtual Project review - Pearl

"It is happy and easy-going. I was captured by the forest, so 'beautiful'! It recalled the experience with my family."




The Virtual Forest presents an expansive park-like setting where the seasons can change with a clap of the hands. The Virtual Forest uses the Orbbec motion sensor that allows users to provide input with nothing more than a wave of their hands. This means users can use natural, easy motions to control interactive elements in the forest.

The interactive elements of the program are designed to give back some control to people living with dementia – it is their forest, and they can experiment with it and enjoy it. This is a deliberately personal experience, but one that can be shared with carers or other residents to encourage communication.


The Virtual Project ExperienceThe Virtual Forest™ Screenshot
The Virtual Project Package


Product enquiries

To learn more about The Virtual Forest, contact the Centre for Dementia Learning, 1300 DEMENTIA (1300 336 368) or email [email protected]

For technical support, call Jim Pyatt on 07 3014 6665 or email [email protected]


Hardware requirements
High-Definition Projector or TV (resolution 1920 x 1080)
Wall or projection screen (if using Projector)
Orbbec Astra Pro motion sensor
Stereo sound system
A gaming computer (see below)


System requirements (gaming computer)
Graphics card: DirectX 11 compatible, RTX 2060
CPU: Quad Core Intel or AMD, 2.5GHz
HDD: 2GB free space
1x USB 3.0 port
Mouse & keyboard


Software requirements
Windows 10 (64 bit edition only)
Latest graphics drivers


Please note this is an intensive graphics game and therefore may not work on older computers or computers which to not meet the above requirements.

Screens/monitors are recommended to be as large as possible – preferably, home theatre setups with a projector or large screen.

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Major donors
BB and A Miller Foundation
Norman and Betty Lees
Grosvenor Foundation
Miss Ann Miller
Mr Brian Moore
Petrica Petrovich
Dr Tanya Petrovich
Ms Therese Caine
Ms Barbara Potter OAM
Mrs Patricia Warren Petch
Lions Club and Murrabit and District
Ms Kay Ehrenberg
Ms Lisa Romano
Ms Joanna Cosgriff
Ms Joan Hammonds
Ms Sarah James
Kirsty Hughes