Media Releases

Dementia Australia Vic today announced the release of a special edition of a new eBook 'Bird Watching in My Back Yard' that promotes bird watching as an activity for people with dementia, their carers and families as a way to keep loved ones minds active and socially engaged. Commenting in the foreword of the special edition of Bird Watching in My Back Yard, David Galbally, President of Dementia Australia Vic said "Bird Watching in My Back Yardis quite an extraordinary achievement.

People need to plan now so they can have a say about their future end of life care, an expert in advanced care planning said in the lead up to an Alzheimer’s Australia Vic’s Advance Care Planning seminar. Associate Professor William Silvester, Director of the Respecting Patient Choices Program, a national health initiative on end of life health care, said that advance care planning enables people to make their medical treatment wishes known even when they have lost the ability to speak for themselves.