Affinity - Vivid 2015

Alzheimer’s Australia is very pleased to be part of the Affinity installation at Vivid in Sydney this year. 

Affinity is an ingenious large-scale installation that depicts the complexity and connectivity of the human brain. The sculpture aims to depict how Alzheimer's disease affects our memory. It is virtually representing the connectivity of the brain, including the hippocampus which stores short term memory. 

The sculpture is made up of an intricate web of interconnected orbs that represents neurons in the brain. When stimulated by touch, the orbs create a striking display of sound and light, representing the rapid-fire transmission of messages between neurons. The electrical signals that pass between neurons control everything we do and think. 

The appearance of purple light through the orbs represents the emergence of Alzheimer’s disease. When the purple path reaches a neuron, it disconnects from others, and as it progresses, memories will be lost. 

Click here for further information about #vividaffinity.

We wish to extend our thanks to Amigo & Amigo, S1T2, Onled LED Lighting for this wonderful opportunity to raise awareness of Alzheimer's disease.