Strategic intent

Dementia Australia Strategic Intent 2015-2020


Dementia Australia is a leader in the prevention of dementia, while valuing and supporting people living with dementia.


  • Respect
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Quality and Professionalism

Strategic priorities

Policy and advocacy

  • Champion systemic improvements in the health, disability and aged care systems and dementia friendly communities
  • Initiate public policy and action
  • Advocate to government ministers, other political parties, financial supporters (both public and private) and the community at large
  • Promote the involvement and voice of consumers

Community awareness, understanding, attitudes and actions

  • Act as the national voice for dementia
  • Improve dementia literacy
  • Create and sustain dementia friendly communities
  • Encourage brain healthy lifestyles

Service innovation and expertise

  • Develop and deliver innovative, consumer-directed services
  • Develop and deliver high quality education and training
  • Build the capacity of service providers, including residential and community aged care providers
  • Measure the outcomes achieved by our services on a continuous basis

Leadership in research (medical and non-medical)

  • Advocate for increased investment in dementia research
  • Advise on research priorities
  • Encourage collaboration in research
  • Encourage the translation of research into practice
  • Develop the knowledge base around detection, cause and prevention

Organisational sustainability and growth

  • Develop alternate funding sources
  • Develop and strengthen our strategic partnerships
  • Preserve, promote and recognise the value of our brand
  • Leverage the skills and expertise of the organisation to deliver nationally

Governance and leadership

  • Develop and apply a shared governance framework that provides a common purpose, clarity of roles and responsibilities, and streamlines decision-making
  • Invest in leadership and workforce capability that drives organisational performance, and supports innovation


Our success will be measured by:

  • Being recognised by our stakeholders as the key leadership organisation for dementia
  • Achieving outcomes that improve quality of life for people with dementia.
  • Increasing the number and proportion of people with dementia who we support
  • Strengthening our National footprint in dementia services and education
  • Improving the extent to which we work as a partnership