Shining the light on nutrition in aged care facilities

09 May, 2014

Cherie Hugo, an Accredited Practising Dietitian has specialised in aged care nutrition for the past 14 years. During this time she has become aware of the gap in the quality of food and nutrition available in some aged care facilities.

As a Dietitian, Ms Hugo knows only too well the importance of fresh, healthy and nutritious food in helping to keep our bodies healthy and functioning at their best.

Malnutrition brings with it a cascade of expensive burdens to the aged care industry – pressure ulcers and wounds, depression, falls, lowered immune function, increased dependence on medications; all which contribute to a reduced quality of life for residents,” Ms Hugo said.

“It’s alarming to know that up to 80% of Australia’s aged care residents are malnourished.”

Ms Hugo’s passion for nutrition encouraged her to bring about change in the food and nutrition standards in the aged care sector. We are pleased to tell you that, with the support of high profile celebrities including Maggie Beer, Ms Hugo has launched The Lantern Project.

“The Project is about ensuring aged care residents are well nourished and excited about eating,” Ms Hugo said.

“It is not about finger-pointing or laying blame, it is about getting in and working out a tangible solution that will work for everyone. Above all, it is about giving aged care residents the quality of life they deserve through good food and nutrition. And that is something every Australian deserves.”

Find out more about this exciting Project and how you can be involved: