Better Life Program - NSW

Personal coaching program

What is the Better Life Program?

The program aims to increase an individual’s ability to improve their wellbeing and quality of life, and can empower people to enhance self-care skills, improve optimism and resilience and achieve short and longer term health and wellbeing outcomes.
The program is built around topics such as:

  • Using your strengths, adapting to change and being resilient
  • Physical wellbeing
  • Sleeping well and relaxation
  • Mindfulness and meaning
  • Maintaining connections with your friends and community
  • Communication
  • Eating for Health and Wellbeing
  • Keeping the cognitive wheels turning
  • Doing what you love
  • Planning for the future
  • Staying positive
  • Finding and working with practical help
  • Problem solving skills

Between sessions participants can track their progress by completing tasks that utilise these skills as they move toward their goals.

Read the brochure for more information.

Who should attend?

This Program is suitable for:

  • People who are living in the early stages with a diagnosis of dementia whether living alone or with others
  • Family, friends or carers who are living with a person who has a diagnosis of dementia
  • Family, friends or carers who are living apart from a person with a diagnosis of dementia but have a caring role
  • Family, friends or carers who have recently lost their caring role in the community and need to learn how to care in partnership with a residential care service
  • Family, friends or carers who need to relearn how to care for themselves

It is particularly suited to carers and people in the early stages of dementia who find it difficult to attend group support and education programs. 

How does it work?

A personal coach will deliver eight wellbeing sessions, working with participants to prioritise what matters most, help build competence and confidence in each individual’s ability to manage the impacts of dementia, make changes and achieve their own wellbeing goals at their own pace. The coach can support and assist participants by offering constructive and empowering feedback on the process of behaviour and lifestyle changes to achieve wellbeing goals. The Program is designed to be flexible, accessible and individualised and can be delivered over the phone or via video chat.

If you are interested in participating, contact the Better Life Coach on 02 9888 4268 or email.