Helping individuals who want to make an advance care plan

Helping your clients or community members

Some people will be quite happy to think about their wishes and make plans for the future on their own or with the assistance of their family. Many others will want to have discussions with others in the community, health, aged or home care service professionals who have some form of involvement in the person’s care.

Helping people in planning ahead is not the specific role of any one group or groups of professionals. This role can be taken on by many professionals including medical staff, allied health staff including social workers, financial counsellor, nurse specialist, care co-ordinator or Public Advocate or Public Trustee staff. Some areas of Australia have services that provide specialist advice and support for advance care planning but these are not always available . If these services are not available then the local GP or nurse practitioner may be able to assist in relation to advance care planning.

What you can do

  • Review the advance care planning statement of competencies to work out what your patient/client may realistically expect from you.
  • Download and study the guidelines for staff in initiation and conduct of advance care planning discussions.
  • Find out if there are planning ahead or advance care planning programs in your local area and find out what support they may be able to offer to your patients/clients.
  • Help your patient/client work their way through this website and worksheets or download a workbook

Supporting substitute decision makers