Planning ahead community education resources kit

It is important that the community is aware of the benefits of early planning.

Families and carers often tell us they wish they had known about the benefits of planning ahead before their loved one became unwell.

The purpose of education or awareness sessions in the community is to provide information and to encourage early financial, lifestyle and health planning including advance care planning.

The education resources on this site have been designed for:

  • Co-ordinators of community programs e.g. carers, seniors or veterans groups;
  • Providers of community health programs
  • Education providers for aged care, community, health and mental health staff including by Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers, universities and TAFE.

Information to support the development of education or community awareness raising including the role of the facilitator, suggested formats and learning outcomes is available in the Facilitator’s Guide

What you can do

Presentation resources