Presentation resources

Planning ahead workbooks

Information and worksheet booklet

This booklet aims to provide a written resource that can be printed out for people who want to plan ahead either as part of a community group exercise or independently with pen and paper. There are 6 steps that can be printed and completed separately or provided as a complete booklet.

If you prefer the flexibility of working on the computer, which can help in making changes in the future or sending copies to family and friends, the individual can work through these in the My plans section of this website.

A quick guide to planning ahead

This booklet includes a brief overview of the six steps which are important to planning ahead and can help people identify the areas that are important to them at this time. Once completed it provides a record of important contacts and steps completed.

Planning ahead community education resource kit

Provides resources to aid in planning and conducting education sessions on financial, lifestyle and health planning including advance care planning:

Consumer handouts:

Information about planning ahead, available in 30 languages. Please choose from the list of available languages to download two separate brochures.

A series of brochures to assist people in the community and working in home care services to support substitute decision makers and substitute decision making.


Please acknowledge the Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre should you adapt these tools.

Helping individuals who want to make an advance care plan