Choose who will speak for you

Step 3: Choose who will speak for you

This step is about healthcare decisions, rather than financial ones.

We generally expect to make our own decisions related to our healthcare. But what happens if you lose the capacity to make decisions – either because of an accident, sudden illness or a progressive illness like dementia? Identifying and possibly appointing someone who will make decisions on your behalf is an important part of planning ahead.

Determining who would make healthcare decisions for you can happen either:

  • according to definitions in legislation within each state or territory, or
  • by you legally appointing someone to be your substitute decision-maker for healthcare decisions.

Worksheet 1.3: who will be my spokesperson on healthcare issue?

Complete the worksheet by downloading a blank copy and filling it in.

Choosing your substitute decision maker.

Download a brochure to guide you in choosing your substitute decision maker.

Your decision-maker: state and territory legislation

Legally appointing your decision-maker

Guidelines for choosing your decision-maker