Guidelines for reviewing your plan


For all documents related to planning ahead, make sure you keep them in a secure place where you can find them easily and they can be located by someone who may become your substitute decision-maker.

Decide on a time when it would be good to review these documents on a regular basis e.g. at an annual medical check-up, around your birthday, at New Year or when doing your tax return.

Be aware of other changes in your circumstances, such as a change in your health status that may prompt a review of your planning documents.

If you are using formal documents such as Enduring Guardian appointment or statutory Advance Care Directive, check any specific requirements that might be required for reviewing or updating these documents, e.g. the type of witness or the need to complete a new form.

After any review you may be happy to leave documents as they are, or you may need to write new ones. If you leave them as they are, indicate this on the form by initialling them with the date. This will show the currency of your wishes to people who may need to use the documents.

If you have given people verbal instructions about your wishes and you change your mind about these wishes, make sure you contact these people and explain your current views.

If you have given people copies of documents related to planning ahead and you update or change these, make sure you contact the people, ask them to destroy old documents and online files and give them current copies of documents and electronic files.