Think about your future

Step 1: Start to think about your future

Thinking about the possibility of losing capacity to make decisions in the future is confronting for most of us. We often find it difficult to know where to get information and how to start conversations with loved ones about this issue.

Alternatively, we may be ready to discuss what might happen in the future, but the people that we want to talk to about it are not comfortable having the conversation. This may include our family members, close friends, our GP or other healthcare workers.

While these conversations may be difficult to start, many people report that it gets easier once they ‘break the ice’ and get started. It is also true that people are often relieved to discuss the issues once they have been raised – they had wanted to, but did not know how to get it started. We worry about hurting people by talking openly – but in some circumstances the opposite may be true.

This website offers some practical guidance on starting the conversation with your loved ones and making plans for your future.

Worksheet 1.1: starting the conversation

Complete the worksheet by downloading a blank copy and filling it in.

Overcoming barriers

Opportunities to start a conversation

Having the conversation