How do I make a will?

This page provides a plain-English overview of the legal processes involved in planning ahead, as well as links to local information. To get advice about your individual circumstances it is recommended that you consult with one of the agencies referred to below or a legal professional.

How do I make a Will?

  • The legal basis and general nature of Wills is the same across Australia.
  • While you can make your own Will with a Will Kit from a newsagent or the Internet, it is recommended that you get legal advice in making a Will.
  • This is done through a private solicitor or trustee, a community legal centre or from a government service – the Public Trustee.
  • There is normally a fee to make a Will and it is best to ask about this before getting it done.

Links to local resources

To view information about making a Will on the Public Trustee website, click here.

To view information about Wills on the Legal Aid Commission website, click here.

The Public Trustee can be contacted here or by calling (08) 8226 9200.

Step 2: Legally appointing someone to make financial decisions