Scenario 6: Concerns about losing control

“My auntie is thinking about making me her Power of Attorney but she is really worried about losing control over her affairs.”

  • Giving another person your Power of Attorney is a big decision that may cause anxiety for many people.
  • While it may feel to the person that they are losing control, emphasise that taking this step actually gives them more control over how their affairs are managed in the future.
  • Point out the positives in doing this – they can have peace of mind knowing they have given clear directions to a trusted person; and management of their finances will be straightforward and much less complicated than if they didn’t have a Power of Attorney.
  • Explain that there are a number of ways that the person can give directions when making a Power of Attorney. While the specific forms vary across the States and Territories, there is usually the ability to appoint more than one person, to specify when the Power takes effect and to give some specific instructions.