Scenario 10: Cultural concerns

“My mum won’t talk about the future – she says it’s not part of our culture.”

  • Attitudes to talking about the future and issues such as death and dying can vary a lot among different cultural groups.
  • The ways that decisions are made within families and communities can also vary a lot among cultural groups.
  • While these cultural differences exist, it is also important to be aware that there are a range of experiences and expectations within each cultural group. This is because of differences in migration experience, education, occupation and individual personality.
  • Information about planning ahead should be explained in ways that are understandable and relevant.
  • Use translated material and other culturally appropriate information resources whenever these are available. There are copies of two leaflets about planning ahead in a number of languages available on this website.
  • It is best if information about planning ahead is provided by a trusted person from within the cultural group.