Scenario 1: Key Considerations

“Helping my friend to complete the worksheets on this website is too overwhelming – we need something simpler to work on.”

  • The worksheets in this website are fairly lengthy because many people are looking for this level of detail.
  • However, other people may not want, or feel overwhelmed by, this much detail.
  • The amount and type of planning ahead that people choose to do will vary from a little to a lot.

If a person does not want to go through the worksheets, the bottom line that we recommend is to make sure they:

  • have a current Will that can be located easily
  • appoint a trusted person as an enduring power of attorney for finances that will remain legal if the person loses capacity
  • have someone they can trust to make healthcare decisions for them if needed, and
  • tell their loved ones the things they really want to be considered if they have to make decisions about their care in the future.