Scenario 7: Reluctant to talk

“My husband is having significant memory problems but he refuses to acknowledge there is anything wrong. He doesn’t want to talk about planning ahead.”

  • Be aware that the person may be confused and fearful about what is happening to them.
  • Suggest they see their GP for a general check-up and ways to keep as healthy as possible. It may be helpful to have a number of questions to take for discussion with the GP. Asking Questions About Dementia Can Help, a booklet from Palliative Care NSW and Dementia Australia NSW may help you prepare for a discussion with your GP.
  • When suggesting planning ahead, do it together as something relevant for everybody, rather than focusing on the person and their problems. Discuss the benefits of planning ahead in a way that the person can relate to their own situation.
  • Consider enrolling in a Living with Memory Loss program with Dementia Australia if this is available in your area. Check each State’s information on the Dementia Australia website.This involves group meetings where the person with early dementia and their family member receive information and support through sharing their experiences with a small group of others in a similar situation.
  • If a program is not available, read the Help Sheets on the Dementia Australia website and/or ring the National Dementia Helpline on 1800 100 500.