Treatment planning for another person

My wife is in a nursing home and can no longer make her own decisions. While she is stable at the moment, is it possible for me to plan ahead for what might happen in the future?


  • Making decisions about another person’s care is especially difficult if done at a time of crisis.
  • Family may be asked to make critical decisions about a loved one’s treatment without having the time to properly weigh up all the options.
  • Planning ahead allows them to have discussions with the person’s GP and care staff, become informed about the pros and cons of the treatment options, consider what the person themselves would have wanted and then provide information in a plan of care that can guide future decisions.
  • Doctors will still need to gain consent for specific treatments, but the plan of care will make this process easier and less stressful for all parties.

It is helpful for all concerned if the person’s substitute decision-maker(s) has thought about treatment options they may have to make choices about in the future.