Day 1 - 18 May 2011

Opening Address 
Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce AC Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia 

Panel Discussion 

What comes first: The individual or the disease? 
Professor Raymond Tallis 

Community Care 1 

How to build a dementia support network from scratch 

Barbara Mallett

Carers' experiences of the role of Extended Aged Care at Home-Dementia packages 
Kristen Moore

People at centre stage: Project overview & outcomes 
Dr Goetz Ottmann 

Community Education 

‘Talking Shop’ experiencing dementia for the retail sector 
Judy Bartholomew

Yarnin’ About dementia: Using remote Indigenous media to raise awareness about dementia 
Ian Watson 


Cognitive and sensory factors associated with safe driving 
Professor Kaarin Anstey

Driving cessation and people with dementia 
Dr Jacki Liddle

Driving and dementia: Challenges regarding assessment 
Professor Nancy Pachana 

End of life 

Palliative care needs of home-based people with end-stage dementia 
Professor Debbie Kralik

The Long Goodbye 
Kerri-Anne Dooley

An end of life care pathway for palliation in dementia 
Sandra Larkin

End of Life - Workshop 

End of life decisions

Dr Peter Saul

A good death in dementia 
Dr Rodney Syme 

Personal Stories 

My life, my story 
Mary Clifton

Problem-solving for life: living with diabetes, dementia & other impediments of age 
Ron Fergie

Mary Clifton 

Promoting Autonomy

Let me decide: Dementia and decision making
Hilary Brown

Volunteering: Meaningful engagement for people with early stage dementia
Desiree de Graaf

The joy of mother’s tongue
Hendrika Johnson 

Reaching Out

In or out of the closet: Sexualities, genders and dementia
Ronda Bain

“Take a different view by taking it to the people”
Sally Prowse & Cate Doyle

Working with ethnic community (Tastes to Remember) dementia education projects
Wina Kung 


Latest research in Alzheimer’s disease therapies 
Associate Professor Michael Woodward 

Social Connection 

Take a different view: Incorporating singing into caregiving activities 
Wendy Chatterton

Multidisciplinary arts partnerships facilitating connection and intergenerational understanding of dementia 
Ruth Leslie-Rose

Opening Doors: A partnership model for social inclusion 
Jacqueline Lewis 


Dementia, stigma and intentions to help-seek: A pilot study of Australian adults 40 to 65 years 
Lyn Phillipson

Give me the dignity to say goodbye! 
Paul Pickering

Sexuality: there’s more to it than you think! 
Elaine White 

Support, Counselling & Respite

Entrusting care: The elements of a successful respite program
Ruth Brunt & Kathryn Cunningham

Working with people with dementia and their family from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities 
Norminda Forteza & Ann Reilly

Best practice counselling and support service models project 
Leanne Wenig 

Younger Onset Dementia 

Younger Onset Dementia: The Linking Lives project 
Joanne Bevilacqua

Younger Onset Dementia: Understanding the story of survival 
Dr Adriene Withall & Associate Professor Victoria Traynor

It’s time for a different view on early stage support 
Alison Easton