Day 2 - 19 May 2011

Acute Care 1 

Doing things differently: Volunteers improving rural hospital dementia care 
Catherine Bateman

CNC dementia six years on
Fran Dumont

Creating a dementia friendly environment in an acute care setting 
Pam Hegarty 

Acute Care 2 

Age effects and outcomes of the hospitalisation of dementia patients – The Hospital Dementia Service Project 
Professor Brian Draper 

The issue of dementia in the acute hospital setting 
Dr Catherine Travers 

Developing and implementing “Delirium Care Pathways” 
Associate Professor Victoria Traynor 


From Pete the Parrot to Wu Tao 
Lynne Hedley

But where are the flowers? Therapeutic gardens reducing BPSD 

Helga Merl 

Behaviour - Workshop

BPSD – Taking a different view 
Deidre Pye 

Care - Workshop 

Supporting or undermining the self-esteem of people with Alzheimer’s disease 
Professor Steven Sabat 

Community Care 2 

Building a ‘Toolbox’ for community care workers 
Heather James

Why caregivers of people with dementia don’t utilise out-of-home respite services 

Lyn Phillipson

Dementia link workers: A recipe for success ‘Caring, Connecting, Coordinating’ 
Coral Sharp 


Deception in residential aged care 
Professor Nancy Pachana 


Explaining social exclusion in alcohol-related dementia: A literature review 
Renee Brighton

An education program to improve referral to Memory Clinic Services for older people of Asian background living in Melbourne 
Ms Victoria Rayner

A review of available translated cognitive assessment tools to assess older people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds 

Freda Vrantsidis 

General Practice 

Implementing evidence-based dementia guidelines: Using the views of GPs to inform behaviour change interventions 
Professor Colette Browning

The relationship between attitude, diagnosis and management of dementia in rural general practice 
Angela Greenway-Crombie

Primary dementia care capacity building: Practice nurse/community dementia nurse integration 
Helga Merl and Karen Collins 

Legal and Ethics 

Adults lacking capacity: Treatment refusal and legal role of doctors 
Dr Elizabeth Collerson

Decision making capacity in dementia: Doing justice to personhood 

Sue Jarrad

Financial capacity and social vulnerability in older adults 

Dr Katharine Vearncombe 


Philosophy and ethics around living wills 
Professor Raymond Tallis 


The Australian Imaging Biomarkers and Lifestyle (AIBL) study of ageing: What has been achieved in 5 years of collaboration?
Professor David Ames

The NSW Dementia Services Framework 2010 – 2015

Troy Speirs 


Assistive technology to reduce the burden of care 
Meredith Gresham

Dementia and the World Wide Web 
Ann Reilly 

Transitions in Residential Care

When they need more care: Assisting family carers to “Be Prepared…”

Teresa Moran

The move into residential care 
Tony Ramshaw