Day 3 - 20 May 2011


Volunteer Led Patients Group Activities project 
Dr Faizal Ibrahim 


Caregiver mediated intervention trumps pharmacotherapy for BPSD 
Professor Henry Brodatry 

Emerging Technologies 

Facilitating ageing in place for people with dementia 
Justine Alison

Technology for dementia: occupational therapies attitudes and practices towards technology for way finding. 
Fiona Jarvis 

Tunstall Healthcare: promoting independence with assistive technology 
Lyn McFarlane


Dementia and reform to the regulation of Aged Care 
Tim Longwill – Partner 

Mental Health

Living History – Delivering an older persons mental health service to the Indigenous population of Palm Island 
David Johnstone 

Reducing restraints and seclusion in an acute aged persons mental health unit 
Dr Hemalatha Sivakumaran 

Public Health 

Dementia: Prevention, promotion and early intervention – What are the options? 
Dr Catherine Travers 


Towards a National Dementia Prevention Health Strategy 
Ms Suha Ali 

Participating in dementia research: Making the decision 
Professor Elizabeth Beattie 

Involving consumers in research 
Dr Ellen Skladzien 

Standards – Residential Care 

Staff’s perceptions of care provisions for residents with dementia: A study of three aged care facilities 
Dr Cindy Jones 


Effective group leadership: More than tea, biccies and a chat 
Wendy Melia

Culturally diverse families dealing with dementia: Multicultural workers perspectives 
Yvonne Santalucia