Consumer Summit 2015

Speeches from the Dementia Australia Consumer Summit.

"Supporting people with dementia and their families: The consumer perspective."


The Dementia Australia Consumer Summit was held in Canberra on 3 and 4 March 2015 at Parliament House.

This Summit brought together 50 people with dementia and carers from across Australia to share their experiences.  

Summit objective: To identify from the consumer perspective what programs and services are working well and what needs to be improved in order to provide people with dementia and their carers with better support.

The centrepiece of the Summit was a consumer workshop where delegates discussed 4 main topics:

  • How can communities be more inclusive of people with dementia?
  • What services are needed to support people with dementia and their carers in the community?
  • How can the health care system provide better services to people with dementia in both primary care and hospitals?
  • What needs to be done to improve quality of residential care services including for people with severe behavioural symptoms of dementia?

The workshop discussions led to the development of a Communique - a 4-page document that focused on key recommendations from consumers for each of the topics above.

The 2-day Summit culminated in the presentation of the Communique to the co-conveners of the Parliamentary Friends of Dementia, Teresa Gambaro MP and Shayne Neumann MP.



"Setting the Scene: What do the government’s aged care and disability policies means for people with dementia and their families?"
Graeme Samuel

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"Reflecting on the past 10 years of supporting consumer advocacy in achieving better care and support for people with dementia"
Glenn Rees

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