Dr Cameron Camp PhD

"Relate, Motivate, Appreciate - A Montessori resource"

American Montessori expert Dr Cameron Camp promoted Dementia Australia’s new Quality Dementia Care resource Relate, Motivate, Appreciate: Restoring meaningful engagement with a person with dementia in care with a lecture tour in all capital cities across Australia during July through until September 2013.

The lectures saw Dr Camp present to consumers and service providers on the Montessori approaches to dementia care. They also enabled consumers, dementia care workers and aged care managers with an opportunity to take part in a range of established workshops on effective communication and Montessori-based approaches to rehabilitation.

Dr. Camp is Director of Research, Center for Applied Research in Dementia, Ohio USA. Dr. Camp is an internationally-known research scientist in the field of ageing. He has been conducting applied and translational research in gerontology, dementia intervention, and cognitive intervention for over 30 years. He has served in academic settings, teaching coursework in adult development and ageing, rising to the position of Research Professor of Psychology. Dr. Camp holds workshops on designing cognitive and behavioural interventions for dementia internationally. His current research involves the use of Montessori-based activities as rehabilitative interventions to enable long-term care residents with dementia to effectively lead activities for other residents with dementia.


Online version of the new resources, including video demonstrations of the Montessori activities