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Website news

What's new on our website?

In this segment of Dementia News we aim to keep you informed about the latest new videos, help sheets, toolkits, manuals, and other online resources on the Dementia Australia website.

Support for carers Support for carers

Support for carers is a practical guide to services for families and friends of people with dementia.

You can read or download Support for carers here.

Men's Shed ManualMen’s Shed Manual

Your Shed and Dementia, A Manual has the necessary tools to help "Shedders" support and communicate with men with dementia and men who are carers.

It addresses the real issues associated with dementia. “Shedders” need to know how to handle these issues in a sensitive and supportive way so the Shed can continue to have a positive influence.

"This manual is a great addition to good dementia care for a most needy group - older men who are dealing with the dementia challenge."

"One of the great problems of dementia is the social isolation it causes"

- The Hon John Watkins, Chief Executive Officer, Dementia Australia NSW

You can read or download Your Shed and Dementia, A Manual here.

Help Sheet updates

Help SheetsThe Dementia Australia help sheets provide advice, common sense approaches and practical strategies on the issues most commonly raised about dementia.

These popular PDFs are read and downloaded more than a thousand times each day.

Recent updates to the help sheets include:

Delirium and dementia
This new help sheet provides information about what delirium is, and, how it relates to people with dementia. It describes the causes, consequences, diagnosis and management of delirium. Published December 2015.

This help sheet describes what Souvenaid is, how it might work, how it is recommended to be used, and the evidence for it providing benefit. Revised November 2015.

This help sheet explains current knowledge and concerns about risperidone for people with dementia. Revised September 2015.

Brain Donation
This help sheet provides information to help you make a decision about donating your brain or your loved-one’s brain for research and how to go about it. Revised September 2015.


Information about the Rowland Universal Dementia Assessment Scale (RUDAS), including a link to the Online DVD (with thanks to the Sydney South West Area Health Service) is available here.

National Health Services Directory National Health Services Directory

The National Health Services Directory allows you to search for health services by location.

Dementia-friendly language guidelines Dementia-Friendly Language Guidelines

The words used to talk about dementia can have a significant impact on how people with dementia are viewed and treated in our community.

For example, dementia is not a normal part of ageing, nor is memory loss the only symptom.

This helpful guide discusses why and how to use appropriate language for talking about dementia.