Dr Joyce Siette

Co-developing digital interventions targeting dementia prevention for culturally and linguistically diverse older adults

Dr Siette
AAG Research Trust - Dementia Australia Research Foundation Strategic Innovation Grant
In Progress
Project Snapshot

Public health campaigns targeting better brain health for older adults are promising. Yet, most campaigns do not support seniors from multicultural backgrounds and therefore do not resonate with the general community. The Western Sydney district represents a large multicultural environment, with 54.1% of households speaking a non-English language (compared to the NSW average of 26.5%), and Chinese communities representing the largest multicultural group. This project will work with Chinese seniors to co-design a digital program encouraging healthy brain lifestyles. The research will involve an iterative process to identify acceptability and authenticate correct messaging and culturally appropriate materials. Findings will inform public health initiatives and contribute to the future application of appropriate, feasible interventions designed to reduce the risk of dementia for older Chinese adults residing in Australia.

Where are they now?

Dr Joyce Siette is a Research Theme Fellow in Health and Wellbeing at the MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development, Western Sydney University.

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