Kirsten Moore

Creative caring: promoting a balanced view of caring for someone with dementia

Dementia Centre for Research Collaboration – Dementia Australia Research Foundation Pilot Grant
In Progress
Project Snapshot

Caring for a family member of friend living with dementia is often portrayed negatively, focusing on depression, burden and chronic stress. While there are negative physical and mental health impacts associated with caring, this is not the full picture. This study will develop a resource that aims to provide a more balanced view of the experience of caring. We will ask carers to share their stories of positive and negative aspects of caring. We will also ask them about the creative ways they manage daily stressors and challenges. The resource may be an animation or other audio-visual medium that will be widely accessible. We will use carers’ voices for authenticity and digital systems to measure how often the resource is viewed. The output will be suitable for the general public and go some way towards countering overly negative portrayals of caring for someone living with dementia.

Where are they now?

Dr Kirsten Moore is a senior research fellow in the Melbourne Ageing Research Collaboration at the National Ageing Research Institute