Welcome to the Dementia Australia Research Foundation

We are proud to announce our new name, the Dementia Australia Research Foundation.

This coincides with the offical launch of Dementia Australia, a unified, national peak body for people, of all ages, living with all forms of dementia, their families and carers.

It is the new voice of Alzheimer’s Australia.

From a grassroots community of passionate carers around Australia, Dementia Australia has evolved into the leading organisation providing a voice for people impacted by dementia.

"With Alzheimer’s disease as the most common form, there are more than 100 types of dementia and, for this reason, as an organisation our message needs to be inclusive of all.  

We have a challenge ahead of us. We know that awareness and understanding about dementia is still alarmingly low. We know the prevalence of dementia is growing. We know too that many Australians do not know we are here for them. We know that dementia is the second leading cause of death of Australians and the leading cause of death of women in Australia. Sadly, we know it is fatal and there is currently no cure."

Over the next few months Dementia Australia will be rolling out a new, national structure but at all times, the individuals that they are there to serve will remain paramount. They will be keeping local teams and building on their invaluable community relationships. Dementia Australia – in its new form – will be a more agile and responsive entity while seamlessly and sustainably continuing to deliver crucial support services tailored to local needs.

The benefits of unification will enable the delivery of consistent support services, strengthen the capacity for advocacy and enhance the organisation’s ability to raise awareness, fundraise, and facilitate research and education into the prevention, delay and cure of dementia.

"Behind every decision we make, every change we make and every person who we work with or support, every process we develop or project or program we introduce – our purpose will remain solidly that we are here to empower and enable people, of all ages, living with all forms of dementia, their families and carers.

At our hearts we are the same organisation that you know, as Dementia Australia we will be bigger, stronger and bolder."

The Dementia Australia Research Foundation will continue to support innovative Australian research to prevent, detect, treat and ultimately find a cure for all types of dementia. Through the research that we fund, we will also work towards improving the lives of people living with dementia and those involved in their care.


For more information about Dementia Australia, the new voice of Alzheimer's Australia, please visit: www.dementia.org.au

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