Jenni Ilomaki

Preventing recurrent hip fractures: are people with dementia prescribed evidence-based treatments?

Dementia Australia Research Foundation – Victoria Project Grant
In Progress
Project Snapshot

People living with dementia are at an increased risk osteoporosis and hip fracture compared to people without dementia. However, recent reports suggest people with dementia are less likely to be prescribed evidence-based treatments for osteoporosis to prevent recurrent fractures. Our aim is to determine patterns and predictors of receiving guideline-recommended medications for osteoporosis after hip fracture in people with and without dementia, and to determine whether use of guideline recommended medications prevents subsequent hip fracture. We will conduct a large multinational cohort study across Australia, UK, US and Hong Kong. This will be achieved by building a common data model based on a previously funded project via the Dementia Australia Research Foundation. We will include people discharged from a hospital for hip fracture between 2012 and 2018. Dementia will be identified through ICD-10 codes from hospitals and medication dispensing data. Osteoporosis medications after hospital discharge will be captured from pharmacy dispensing data. Rehospitalisation for hip fracture will be captured from ICD-10 codes. By utilising large population-based databases in four countries we will produce generalisable results with a high likelihood of impacting policy and practice. Advocates will be engaged throughout the project to maximise the benefits of this research directly to people living with dementia.