Marina Cavuoto

Does sleep predict future memory decline? A five-year follow-up study of a community-based cohort of older adults

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Cecilia Margaret Hudson Dementia Research Grant
In Progress
Project Snapshot

This study proposes to follow-up a sample of community-based older adults, five years after their initial involvement in a baseline study that collected information on sleep and memory measures. The aim of the current project is to determine whether aspects of sleep are associated with memory decline over time. Study involvement will include assessment of sleeping patterns by wearing an activity monitor (similar to a Fitbit) on the wrist for two weeks to obtain an objective measure of sleeping patterns; completing questionnaires about perceived sleep quality; and undertaking an assessment of memory and other aspects of thinking. The analyses will examine whether sleep at baseline, or change in sleep patterns from baseline to follow-up, are associated with memory decline over time. This study is proposed as a pilot study which is hoped will provide the basis for applying for further research funding for a larger-scale project. The results will have important implications for understanding memory decline in ageing, improving the early detection of AD, and providing the opportunity for developing memory interventions targeting sleep.