Chennupati Jagadish AC

Use of brain organoids and artificial intelligence for understanding dementia.

Dementia Australia Research Foundation – Yulgilbar Innovation Grant
In Progress
Project Snapshot

In this project, we present a novel strategy for diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) using an innovative approach that combines technologies in stem cell research with artificial intelligence (AI). The stem cell component of this project is to develop ‘brain organoids’ or ‘mini-brains’ from stem cells taken from people living with AD as well as individuals unaffected by the disease. The stem cell derived brain organoids will essentially model brain function ‘in-the-dish’. We will then apply computational and AI-based analyses to identify key functional differences between normal and AD brain organoids and predict stimulation parameters that may promote ‘normal’ brain function. These studies are the first of their kind in combining cell biology and AI computational approaches to study and find treatments for AD.

Where are they now?

Professor Jagadish is a Distinguished Professor and Head of Semiconductor Optoelectronics and Nanotechnology Group in the Department of Electronic Material Engineering, Research School of Physics and Engineering, the Australian National University. He is also serving as Director of Australian National Fabrication Facility, ACT node and Convenor of the Australian Nanotechnology Network.