An exploration of values associated with caregiving for elderly family members

Occurring Dates: 
26/03/2020 to 26/05/2020
Participant Duration: 
One interview lasting no more than 60 minutes
State of study: 

The aim of the project is to explore and identify specific cultural values associated with caring for older family members. This will involve conducting interviews with carers over the phone or by video call to gain insight into what values carers identify as important in terms of motivating them to care and how these impact on their experience of caring.

There are two researchers working on this project. Haylee King is interested in interviewing carers from urban/metropolitan locations and Rosemary Tait would like to interview carers from rural/regional areas.

It is hoped that one of the outcomes of the research will be a clearer understanding of the specific values that influence individuals in caring roles. This understanding may allow future research and assistance for carers to be targeted more accurately.

Further Information: 

For further information or to participate please contact: Rosemary Tait (for carers in rural and regional areas): 0437 327600 or email: or Haylee King (for carers in urban and metropolitan areas): 0432 243668 or email:

This study has been approved by the University of Southern Queensland Human Research Ethics Committee, Approval: H18REA256 (v2).

Study Address: 
The interview can be conducted over the phone or via teleconference (e.g. Skype).
Full Name: 
Rosemary Tait
University of Southern Queensland
Phone Number: 
0437 327600