COGNISANCE: Co-designing dementia diagnosis and post-diagnostic care

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COGNISANCE aims to improve the experience of the dementia diagnostic process and the post-diagnostic support received by people with dementia and their care partners. Our objectives are to co-design and deliver in partnership with people with dementia, family care partners and health care professionals, print or on-line toolkits. Toolkits will provide structured information, tailored to enable health care practitioners to effectively enact national dementia guidelines around diagnostic and post-diagnostic support, and to empower people with dementia and their family care partners seek the support they require.

The first phase of the project is to establish the current Australian experiences of diagnosis and post diagnostic support through surveys and focus groups; for people recently diagnosed with dementia in the last two years, care partners to people diagnosed with dementia in the last two years, or any Health or Social Care Practitioners who support people recently diagnosed with dementia.

Surveys can be completed online (by following the link below), by phone interview, or we can provide paper hardcopies on request. The link for all of the initial surveys can be found here: The surveys take around 15 minutes to complete, and you can save and go back to them at any point.

The second part of the project looks to conduct online/telephone focus groups. These can be arranged by completing the online survey (as above), and then providing your telephone or email address for us to contact you at the end of the survey. There are also opportunities to have key engagement in the co-design of “toolkits” that we are developing to improve the dementia diagnostic experience and supports available to people after diagnosis.

The link to the UNSW website that advertises the project and provides more information (as well as published results) can be found here:

Further information

For all inquiries please contact:
Dr Meredith Gresham PhD
Research Fellow, COGNISANCE

T: (02) 9385 2597
E: [email protected]

Please note, the telephone number is not attended during COVID. Please email the co-ordinator at [email protected] directly.

This study has been approved by the UNSW Human Research Ethics Committee, approval number HC190776.

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Meredith Gresham
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