CogStep Phase 2.0: Evaluation of a 12-week combined home-based exercise and psycho-education program on dementia risk, mood, health knowledge, cognition, sleep, metabolic markers and brain connectivity in individuals with cognitive difficulties.

Occurring Dates: 
01/06/2019 to 09/08/2019
Participant Duration: 
13 weeks
State of study: 
New South Wales

The CogStep 2.0 research study aims to investigate the effect of a 12-week home-based exercise and psycho-education program on dementia risk factors, wellbeing (mood, sleep and general health), cognition (memory and other thinking skills), metabolism and brain function in older adults with cognitive difficulties. We welcome people over the age of 60 with cognitive difficulties, who currently are not undertaking high levels of physical activity to participate in this study.

This study is a two-arm randomised trial with 50:50 chance of being allocated to the CogStep program (comprising homebased-exercise and psychoeducation), or a waitlist control group (treatment as usual). The home-based exercise will be prescribed by an exercise physiologist and focus on areas such as balance, endurance, and strength. The psychoeducation involves a series of talks on topics such as nutrition, sleep, and strategies to help improve memory and thinking skills, on an electronic platform and an accompanied workbook. Those randomised to the waitlist control group will be offered the CogStep program after completion of the 12-week control period.

Participants will undergo assessment of their medical history, mood and physical capacity at baseline and after 12-weeks. Additionally, as part of the assessment, participants will undergo memory and thinking skill assessment and complete a 30-minute MRI brain scan at baseline and at 12-week follow-up.

Further Information: 

For further information or if you would like a copy of the participant information statement, please email Isabella Leung (Study Coordinator) at:

This study has been approved by The University of Sydney Human Research Ethics Committee, approval number 2018/437.

Study Address: 
Healthy Brain Ageing Clinic Brain and Mind Centre 94 Mallett Street, Camperdown. NSW, 2050
Full Name: 
Isabella Hoi Kei Leung
Brain and Mind Centre, The University of Sydney
Phone Number: 
0404 066 903