Communication support for informal caregivers of persons with Alzheimer's disease

Occurring Dates
Participant Duration
20-minute survey
State of study
All States

I am seeking participants for an online survey to determine what communication supports being offered to caregivers of persons with Alzheimer's disease and at what stage of diagnosis communication support is being offered.

I would also like to know how caregivers feel about the communication support offered and how their quality of life is impacted by communication issues.

Participation involves completing a 20-minute online survey, which is available at

Please note that survey answers are anonymous. The survey results from each state will be compared. Rural and metropolitan care differences will also be explored.

Further information

For further information or to complete the survey, please click on the survey link at or contact Kate Cardwell at [email protected].

This study has been approved by the University of Canberra Human Research Ethics Committee (reference #4737).

Study Address

Full Name
Amelia Kate Cardwell
University of Canberra
Phone Number
0421 695 770