Customising and configuring the InnoWell Platform, a technology-enabled solution, for better mental health outcomes for the older adult community

Occurring Dates: 
03/06/2019 to 31/12/2019
Participant Duration: 
up to 4 hours (single session)
State of study: 
New South Wales

The InnoWell Platform is a configurable and customisable digital tool that assists in assessment, monitoring and management of mental ill health and maintenance of wellbeing. It does this by collecting, storing, and reporting health information back to the person and their clinicians to enable transformation to person-centred care.

The InnoWell Platform makes the person and the clinician equal partners in care, promoting self-management, early intervention, shared decision making, and facilitating the appropriate matching of care to the person’s needs. Co-designed by people with lived experience of mental ill health, clinicians, researchers and technology developers, the Platform has been developed as software as a medical device to be compliant with international quality standards. The InnoWell Platform aims to transform the provision of mental health services by enhancing the care provided by existing mental health services, including improved access, affordability and equity.

The InnoWell Platform is currently being trialled within four primary care youth mental health services (headspace Camperdown, Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, Lismore) with young people aged 16 to 25 years and a mental health counselling service for current and ex-serving Australian Defence Force personnel and their families (Open Arms Sydney Centre) with adults aged ≥18 years and older.

In order to ensure the accessibility, engagement and appropriateness of the platform, we now aim to customise the InnoWell Platform to meet the needs of an older age group (≥50 years) and their supportive others (e.g. family member, care-giver), as well as health professionals, service managers and administrators working with this population.

Phase 1 involves using face-to-face participatory design workshops to customise the InnoWell Platform to the older adult community. All participatory design workshops will be coordinated by two facilitators, one of whom will be a mental health professional whose role will be to respond to any participant concerns or distress as a result of the subject matter. A scribe will also be present to take notes throughout the workshop. Additionally, with participant permission, group photographs will be taken for the purposes of study advertising, promotion and recruitment.

Further Information: 

If you would like further information about this project or would like to participate, please contact Haley LaMonica on (02) 8627 6939 or at

This project was approved by the St Vincent's Hospital Human Research Ethics Committee, approval number 2019/ETH00395.

Study Address: 
The Brain and Mind Centre 94 Mallett Street Camperdown NSW 2050
Full Name: 
Haley LaMonica
The University of Sydney
Phone Number: 
(02) 8627 6939