Employer approaches to younger onset dementia and mild cognitive impairment in the workplace

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Your involvement is for a one off personal discussion of up to 45 minutes.
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All States

If you are currently living with dementia or mild cognitive impairment and still working or recently left work, we would like to talk to you.

We are conducting a research project concerning your workplace experiences.

You may still be employed or recently left employment (up to 12 months). This study is part of a PhD project where we would like to learn about how dementia affected your work, what you did about it and how you managed your situation, what your employer did to support you during this period, and your issues and concerns as an employee.

The information we gain from this research will be used to recommend improvements to the way employees engage with the workplace when faced with the challenge of dementia and the support provided by managers and other employees. We will use this information to suggest ways to improve the situation and provide advice for employees and employers facing similar circumstances in the future.

If you agree to participate, an interviewer will meet with you online or in person (if preferred, available in Melbourne only) and a support person such as a family member or other person is encouraged to join you.

Along with the questions mentioned earlier, we will be interested in your opinion on how your situation was handled and how it could have been handled better.

Further information

For further details or to arrange a time to be part of the project, please contact James Carino, 0405 120 508 or Professor Philip Taylor, (03) 5122 6610.

The conduct of this project has been reviewed and approved by the Federation University Human Research Ethics Committee, Approval Number: A21-067.

Study Address
The study location is flexible and can take place where you are- it can be by telephone or online (via your computer, using zoom), or face to face (if you are located in Melbourne Metropolitan area and if permitted, subject to current Covid restrictions).
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James Carino
Federation University Australia
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0405 120 508