The EXCEL Study (EXercise for Cognitive hEalth)

Occurring Dates
Participant Duration
4 months
State of study
All States

The EXCEL Study is interested in the benefits of physical activity and brain health in middle and older aged people. The brain health benefits of physical activity include reducing dementia risk, supporting cognition (the ability to remember, think and plan) and improving low mood, anxiety and stress. National guidelines for physical activity have been developed. The aim of the EXCEL Study is to trial a home-based physical activity program to help people to meet the physical activity guidelines.

For this program, we are looking for people who:

  • are aged between 45-80 and live in the community;
  • experience mild to moderate symptoms of low mood (depression) or stress (anxiety); and
  • have memory concerns or have noticed changes in their memory or thinking.

Taking part in the EXCEL Study involves trying out a 12-week physical activity program at home that is personalised to your ability and current level of activity (based on an initial screening call and pre-program survey). You will be supported in taking up the program by a member of the study team, who will take you through an introduction session on your program, and catch up with you fortnightly to troubleshoot any issues, via video or phone calls (over Zoom). You will also be sent appropriate equipment for your program.

Throughout, you will also be asked to complete a diary and monthly short mood surveys, and a post-program survey at the end of the program. The study is delivered using information and communication technology (ICT), using online, email and video chat platforms.

Further information

For detailed information on what is involved and to register your interest in the study, please see our website:…

This study has been approved by The University of Melbourne Human Research Ethics Committee (reference number: 2021-20479-16470-3).

Study Address
The study will be conducted entirely remotely, using online video calls or phone calls (via Zoom), email, and online surveys.
Full Name
Rebecca Moorhead
The University of Melbourne
Phone Number
(03) 8344 1879 (choose option 2)