Exploring the experience of sons who care for a parent living with dementia

Occurring Dates
Participant Duration
Single, 1 hour interview over the phone or video conferencing
State of study
All States

Are you a son currently supporting a parent living with dementia?

Researchers at The University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney and Dementia Australia are seeking research participants interested in taking part in a study, to investigate the experience of sons who support a parent living with dementia. Eligible participants will be invited to take part in a 1 hour interview (over the phone or video-conferencing) where they will be asked: to describe how they have accessed (or not accessed) formal support services; which support services have been helpful and/or unhelpful; and to suggest ways to improve current supports services, so as to make it easier for sons to access services. The interview will be conducted by Vincent Poisson (doctorate student at UNSW and Regional Manager - Client Services, at Dementia Australia). Participants will also receive a questionnaire to complete prior to the interview.

The research findings will be translated into recommendations on how to tailor support services - to better match the needs of sons who support a parent with dementia.

We are looking to recruit men who meet the following criteria:

  • You live in Australia
  • You are aged 18 and above
  • You identify as the son of a parent with dementia
  • You are currently the main support person for the person with dementia and the person with dementia does not live in residential care
  • You are not employed as a professional care worker, to support the person living with dementia.
Further information

To register your interest, call Dementia Australia on 1800 100 500 or (03) 9815 7800. Alternatively, you may choose to email the research investigator, Mr. Vincent Poisson (email: [email protected]). Once you have registered your interest, we will get back in contact with you (over the phone or email) to provide more information about the research and to assess if this research is right for you.

This study has been approved by the UNSW Human Research Ethics Committee, approval number HC191002.

Study Address
The interview will be conducted over the phone or online.
Full Name
Vincent Poisson
Dementia Australia in collaboration with the University of New South Wales (UNSW).
Phone Number
(03) 9815 7800