Gardens and people living with dementia

Occurring Dates
Participant Duration
One hour per week for 3 weeks
State of study
New South Wales

We know that people living with dementia benefit from nature but there is little research about how people living with dementia use and benefit from their own gardens.

We are doing a project about gardens and people living with dementia. We want to spend time with living with dementia in their home gardens to understand how they use them. We are also interested in how they feel about gardening in community settings (for example, local, communal and/or neighbourhood gardens).

If you meet the following criteria, we would like to invite you to be involved in our project:

  • living with dementia
  • like to garden
  • live in Sydney’s Inner West or the Illawarra area

Participation will include interviews, observations as well as photographing and videoing in people’s home gardens with their consent.

Participation details

If you are interested in participating or hearing more about this study, please contact Lee Rushton on 0419493810 or email

This study has been approved by the University of Wollongong Human Research Ethics Committee - Ethics no. 2022/276

Study Address
Various home gardens in NSW - interviews will be conducted in the garden of participants' private home
Full Name
Lee Rushton
University of Wollongong
Phone Number