Getting home safely with dementia: Through the eyes of people with memory problems or early stage dementia

Occurring Dates
Participant Duration
40 minutes in total. Consists of a 10 minute Zoom call and a 30 minute Zoom call. Calls take place on separate days at a time convenient the participant.
State of study
All States

We are interested in the opinions of people living with memory problems or early-stage dementia about suggested recommendations to improve their safety should they ever get lost. The recommendations we will ask you about came from discussions with police, health professionals, carers of people with dementia and the general public. They relate to strategies that optimise safety and autonomy for the person with memory problems or dementia, and policy and procedures for both reporting a missing person with dementia and emergency service response.

If you are a person living with dementia or have noticed problems with your memory we would like to interview you. Interviews will:

  • Take place online using Zoom
  • Be one-on-one, although you are welcome to have a support person with you if you want
  • Take a maximum of 30 minutes

Before the interview date we will:

  • Talk to you to make sure you understand your involvement
  • Check your Zoom link works ok
  • Give you a copy of the questions we will ask you

By participating in this research, you will learn about the potential risks of a person with memory problems or dementia going missing and some possible strategies to prevent this happening. You will also contribute to recommendations that may improve the outcomes of people with dementia who go missing in the future. To thank you for your contribution we will give you a $50 Woolworths voucher.

Eligible participants are adults with:

  • A self-reported diagnosis of dementia or Mild Cognitive Impairment (problems with their memory);
  • Capacity to give informed consent; 
  • Access to an internet connected computer with a camera;
  • Ability to participate in an online interview via Zoom (support will be provided by the research team if needed); and 
  • Ability to speak and understand English.

Note: Care partners of the participating person with dementia, over the age of 18, able to speak and understand English and participate in an online interview via Zoom are able to join the person with dementia in the interview. However, the primary person that we want to speak to is the person with dementia. If the care partner joins the interview, their primary role is to support the person with dementia.

Further information

For more information, including the participant information sheets please see the research website:

This study has been approved by the QUT Human Research Ethics Committee (approval number 2021000114).

Study Address
Online study, conducted by:
Faculty Health
Queensland University of Technology
Kelvin Grove Campus
Victoria Park Road
Kelvin Grove QLD 4059
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Dr Margaret MacAndrew
Queensland University of Technology
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(07) 3138 5956