The implementation of PainChek® in the community setting

Occurring Dates
Participant Duration
40 to 50 minutes
State of study
Western Australia

We are seeking family carers of and people living with dementia to share their thoughts in a research study about a new smart device app, PainChek®, to assess pain. The aim of the study is to better detect and quantify pain in older people living with dementia in the community. In doing so, it is hoped that pain management in this group of people will improve.

PainChek® is an approved medical device in the form of a smart device app, which uses artificial intelligence and smart automation to identify and quantify pain in real time. PainChek® works by using facial recognition technology and analysis to detect pain through facial muscle movements which indicate the presence of pain.

We are recruiting family carers of and people living in the community with dementia willing to participate in a focus group or phone interview. Participants will be asked questions about current challenges of assessing pain, how using PainChek® might assist, and what challenges its use might pose and how these could be overcome. There will be no cost for taking part in this research.

Further information

The project is being conducted by Areej Hussein, a PhD candidate at Curtin University under the supervision of Prof Jeff Hughes and Dr Joanna Moullin. If you are interested please contact: Areej Numan Hussein, Email: [email protected].

The study has been approved by Curtin University Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) (HREC2019-0384).

Study Address
The discussion will take place at Curtin University, School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences at a date and time convenient for all participants. If it is not feasible for a person with mild dementia or a family carer to attend the university, they may prefer to participate in another format e.g. a telephone interview.
Full Name
Areej Hussein
Curtin University
Phone Number
0497 853 956