Living with Dementia and Driving

Occurring Dates: 
01/03/2018 to 31/07/2021
Participant Duration: 
11 x 1 – 1.5 hour sessions (4 interviews and up to 7 support and education sessions) over 9 months.
State of study: 
Australian Capital Territory
New South Wales

The Living with Dementia and Driving study is a National Health & Medical Research Council funded study that aims to investigate ways to support people with dementia and their family members cope with driving and stopping driving. Participants in the study and their care partner will have an opportunity to participate in a community-based support and education program called CarFreeMe. The CarFreeMe program is designed to help older people with dementia retire from driving and still maintain their community engagement and wellbeing.

Some sessions will be presented to participants and their family member in their own home by a therapist using telehealth. Telehealth is the use of technology to provide health information and care over a distance. A local therapist will visit participants at home to help set-up the telehealth technology, which is provided on-loan, and will also provide support with trying out local transport options. Queensland residents may have the option of receiving all sessions face to face with a local therapist.

To be eligible to participate in the study, participants (of any age) need to have a diagnosis of dementia and have a family member or carer available to participate with them. The study is open to people who have already stopped driving or are thinking about stopping in the future. The Living with Dementia and Driving study is important because it will help us to better understand and meet the practical, emotional and social needs of people living with dementia and their family members while they are coping with giving up driving.

Further Information: 

If you live in Queensland and would like to know more or to participate, please contact Donna Rooney on (07) 3443 2546 or email or

If you live in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), southern regional NSW or Sydney (south west and western regions) and would like to know more or to participate, please contact Nathan D'Cunha on 0437 709 355 or email or Amy Nussio on 0457 779 766 or email

This study was approved by The University of Queensland’s Human Research Ethics Committees (2017000936; 2018000040).

Full Name: 
Dr Theresa Scott
The University of Queensland
Phone Number: 
(07) 3443 2546