MRI detection of changes in prefrontal network connectivity in Mild Cognitive Impairment and early Alzheimer's dementia

Occurring Dates
Participant Duration
3-4 hours
State of study

Participants aged 65 years and older who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's dementia within the past 2 years are being sought to participate in a pilot study to identify imaging markers for dementia.

Using cutting edge magnetic resonance imaging brain scanning techniques, the study aims to identify changes in brain connectivity and function that appear before the appearance of changes in cognitive function (such as memory) that signal the emergence of dementia. This study extends on previous work by Associate Professor Matthew Summers and his team in isolating a cluster of neuropsychological impairments that are associated with increase risk for developing Alzheimer's dementia within 3 years.

All volunteers will be screened for eligibility to undergo MRI brain scanning. Eligible participants will undergo formal neuropsychological examination (approximately 2-3 hours duration) followed by MRI brain scanning (approximately 1 hour duration). All participants receive a written report of their individual neuropsychological results from Associate Professor Summers.

Further information

For further information or to express an interest in participating, please contact Associate Professor Mathew Summers on (07) 5456 3758 or by email ( The study takes place at the Sunshine Coast Mind & Neuroscience - Thompson Institute (University of the Sunshine Coast), located in Birtinya on the Sunshine Coast.

This study has full ethics approval from the University of the Sunshine Coast Human Research Ethics Committee (Project A181181) and complies with NHRMC Human Research Guidelines.

Study Address
Sunshine Coast Mind & Neuroscience - Thompson Institute
University of the Sunshine Coast
12 Innovation Parkway
QLD 4575
Full Name
Mathew Summers
Sunshine Coast Mind & Neuroscience - Thompson Institute
Phone Number
(07) 5456 3758