Perceptions of brain donation

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In Australia, post-mortem organ donation is undertaken for three distinct purposes: transplantation, teaching purposes, or for medical research into specific diseases. These all have different registration processes, with organ donation for transplantation the most well-known and widely practiced. Unlike organ donation for transplant which has one all-encompassing national register, organ donation for medical research is facilitated by various bio-banks across Australia.

The NSW Brain Tissue Resource Centre at the University of Sydney is a brain bank that primarily focuses on facilitating research into the causes and development of alcohol use disorders, mental health disorders and ageing. Our mission is to enable advances in medical research into neurological illnesses to understand, treat and cure disease. We facilitate brain donations through the ‘Using our Brains’ program, with a focus on donors with certain mental health disorders, alcohol use disorders, and healthy people with no history of brain disease (controls).

This study aims to collect information about public perceptions of brain donation in order to inform future campaigns to raise public awareness of the ‘Using our Brains’ donor program. 

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This study has been approved by The University of Sydney Human Research Ethics Committee, approval number 2020/423.

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