Preferences for care and support services for people with young-onset dementia and their support persons

Occurring Dates
Participant Duration
1 or 2 interviews (participant can decide) of no more than 1 hour each.
State of study
All States

People with young-onset dementia (YOD) and people who informally support someone with YOD are invited to be interviewed for a research project being conducted by Flinders University.

We would like to know which aspects of care and support services for YOD are important to you. This will help us to understand how services for YOD should be provided, from the perspective of the people who use them.

You can live anywhere in Australia and we will send you the questions before the interview.

To reimburse you for your time and contribution, you will be compensated with a $25 Coles Myer gift card.

Further information

For more information or to register your interest, please email [email protected].

The project has been approved by Flinders University’s Human Research Ethics Committee (HEG4515-1).

Study Address
Depending on where the participant lives, interviews can be done in person, online, or via telephone.
Full Name
Dr Leah Couzner
Flinders University
Phone Number
(08) 7221 8619